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Trudy Glenister - Life Coach, Psy-TaP & Future Life Progression Practitioner.

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Trudy Glenister - Life Coach, Psy-TaP & FLP Practitioner

Welcome to my website, please take a look around and discover more about Psy-TaP & FLP.

My journey here today came about by finding remedies for my own stress related anxieties, with a spider phobia thrown in for good measure. Future Life Progression (FLP) gave me sight of my best possible future and I took it.

Psychosenory Techniques and Procedures (Psy-TaP) took away my stress related anxieties and freed me from my life long spider phobia.

I now enjoy my life, instead of barely coping with it.

trudy glenister


I knew very little about Psy-TaP before my session with Trudy but she explained it to me thoroughly so that it made sense, including the 'science bit'. Her calm, straightforward and empathic manner put me completely at ease as we talked through my issues, which was easier to do than I expected. Afterwards I felt very relaxed and as though a weight had lifted. The whole process is non-invasive and highly effective - quite simply, it works and goes on working after the session. I would highly recommend both Psy-TaP and Trudy.

Paula Greensted

So I have had a fear for over 30 years of spiders! If one was in my house, I would have to have it removed otherwise I could not relax, I would panic, have trouble breathing and cry because of the fear. When I met up with Trudy, she asked me 10 questions regarding my fear and then we started the process of separating "fear" and "spiders". At the end of the process, Trudy asked me from 1 to 10, what my fear was? And I couldnt even think as the fear had disappeared!! If I see a spider now in my house, I just say "oh look, there's a spider" and I just carry on with my day! I cannot thank you enough Trudy, you are truly amazing!

Gemma Spencer

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